Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skin Care Advice To Keep Your Skin Healthy

What contributes to a healthy skin is the kind of food you eat.
Experts say that what you take may indeed effect your skin.
A healthy meal with regard to your skin might contain carbohydrates, low fats and enough vitamin C.
For vitamin C you need vegetables, potatoes and citrus fruit.
Also fish that contain so-called long-chain omega-3 acids, like Salmon fish, benefits your skin.
Doing exercising on a regular basis is also good for your skin.
It stimulates the circulation of the blood in your body and more blood circulation is good because in that way your skin is supplied with oxygen and nutrients.
So your physical activity then results in a healthy skin complexion.
In studies, sporters are examined and research showed that a sporter's skin thick enough and the collagen production in their skin is higher which results in a stronger and more flexible skin.
During exercising the pores may function better while you sweat.
When you wash your face you might try washing without wash clothes and just using your hands.
When you skin has some irritating areas or when you are sensible for inflammation you might benefit from washing only with your hands. Just try it, you might experience it is quite comfortable as in general your hands more gently touch your skin than with wash clothes etc.
When in a room with low humidity or where is just dry air, know that your skin can get dry too.
Just as human beings need water when it is warm and dry, so needs your skin moist.
You can apply a moisturizer and drink water which is good for your skin.
In dry circumstances it also may be better not to apply makeup.
Another way to get a dry skin is drinking alcohol which is considered not good for skin condition.
Influence of alcohol on the body may lead to getting rid of water, which can result in a skin that gets dryer.
Alcohol also may cause a kind of red face caused by blood vessels that widen by the use of alcohol.
Some call it a bad habit when talking about smoking.
Smoking is not good for your health in general and for your lungs in particular, but also has a negative influence on the skin.
That negative influence might be shown in the form of wrinkles and dry skin, as it causes less blood-streaming towards your skin. The collagen in the skin will be effected by smoking resulting in fewer collagen which then makes your skin less flexible and less strong.

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