Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heart Rate Monitors for Women Who Are Active

These days, more and more people are focusing on being fit and opting to choose a healthy lifestyle. As such, there is an evident increase in the number of exercise equipment available in the market. One of the rather popular ones is the Polar Ft7- a version that customers deem as the perfect example of heart rate monitors for women.
In the past, even the so-called weaker sex had to contend with carrying bulky and masculine looking gear simply because they had no choice. But now, Polar has specifically launched a line of heart rate monitors for women. It not only comes with useful functionalities, but is also lightweight and in a variety of spring colors such as pink and red. It is compact, since it is designed to look like a normal wrist watch. But why would you need a Heart Rate Monitor in the first place?
According to recent studies, each person has an ideal heart rate zone. It is said that fat burns the most when your heart is measured at this speed. Normally, the maximum heart rate of a person is determined by subtracting his age from the number 220. So if you are 30 years old, then it would be 190. If you have little or no exercise, 50 - 60% of said number would be your goal. While the more experienced would perform better at 60-70%. By strapping on a monitor, you will be aware if you have reached your target heart rate zone. Aside from this, the screen also shows you the distance you have traversed. Since it is capable of blue tooth connectivity, it can easily interact with other smart phone applications to measure calories burned. The Polar ft7 can actually dictate when you should rest as your heart is beating way beyond your target, or when you should exert more effort. Another added value is its ability to decipher whether the current activity you are engaged in contributes to fat burning or to fitness improvement. And it's even shown in a graph! All of this data can be easily stored by the device. This makes it easier for you to refer to past performances and setting new goals.
Another cool thing about the Polar Ft7 is the heart touch feature. By simply putting your watch next to the chest strap it comes with, screens are immediately changed. That way, you need not fuss over pushing buttons when you are on a treadmill or wearing gloves.
All around, this product is a great choice if you are looking to measure and document your fitness regimen. And as far as it being one of the heart rate monitors for women, it certainly does the part. It is not manly looking and will definitely go with your current sports wardrobe. It is also believed that women have a longer time burning calories versus men, so focusing on one's heart rate zone to maximize athletic performance will most definitely help.
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