Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bodylastics Exercise Bands Review

I use resistance bands for numerous exercises because they provide the most comfort and "ease of use" when factoring in my back problems performing various exercises. I have had the pleasure of using Bodylastics resistance bands and found the quality to be far superior over other resistance bands on the market today.
I think you'll find that this exercise band training system can easily take the place of any work out you can do in a commercial gym. What I like most about resistance band training is that I can exercise all muscle groups without the fear of re-injuring my spine.
The great thing about the Bodylastics system is the safety it brings to the user because the resistance bands give you enough resistance in doing basic exercises without any worry of being crushed by enormous weights; or having to use a spotter as one would need with free-weights.
This new freedom from free weights, or even from going to a commercial gym, gives you the confidence to do your best within the comfort of your own home. Another positive benefit of this product is its portability. You can use this system anywhere, just as long as you can attach bands to a sturdy door or anchored chair.
No need to think about buying any barbells or home gym that occupies too much space. The material used in making these bands is a very strong type of nylon that can last a very long time and get you through many workouts.
One negative about this product is the limited scope of resistance it gives compared in using free weights - especially weight machines. This resistance bands are not for power lifters or bodybuilding enthusiasts because the weights that are used for resistance can only accommodate training the muscles for limited functional strength.
But hey, I have seen many people get physically fit and very muscular using only exercise bands!
I would definitely recommend the Bodylastics resistance bands to those people who want to build some muscle density and definition while doing it from the comfort of their home. This product is a must if you want to save money from paying gym fees or want to have a cheaper alternative to the very expensive home gyms offered at the local sporting stores.
And... as I am someone with a very bad back, I find using resistance bands an easy alternative to free weights and uncomfortable gym machines when my back is not 100% up to par, but I am up for a workout.

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