Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dry Winter Skin Can Be Hard To Deal With - However Try This

Dry winter skin can be hard to deal with. Sometimes it is only a little flaking and itching that you have to deal with. In the worst cases, there may be cracking, redness and inflammation.
Inflammation is one of the few things that degrade the skin's strong elastic collagen fibres. It's something that you need to stop. The right treatment is a good moisturizer.
There are numerous ingredients that have moisturizing and natural anti-inflammatory inflammatory activity. You do not want to use corticosteroid creams. They can cause skin-thinning and other problems if used on a frequent basis.
One of the ingredients with natural moisturizing and anti-inflammatory activity is Shea butter. It is a heavier moisturizer than grape seed or olive oil. It is often found in anti-aging night creams, because of its wrinkle-fighting activity. If your face is affected by wintertime dryness, you might want to use your night time moisturizer during the day.
Other than the face, the areas commonly affected by wintertime dryness include the back, arms and hands. This has a lot to do with showering. One thing you can do to help protect the areas is to turn the showerhead to an angle, so that you are not standing directly under the spray during the whole shower.
Dry winter skin is primarily caused by low relative humidity in the air. You can take advantage of a steamy shower to allow your skin's layers to absorb some of the moisture that is in the air. That is also a good time to apply your body lotion. The steam provides some moisture and the lotion helps to lock it in, assuming it contains the right ingredients.
Grape seed oil is a good ingredient for body lotion, even during the wintertime. It helps to combat dry winter skin by forming an invisible film that locks moisture inside the skin's cells where it belongs. Instead of evaporating back out into the air where the humidity is low, you might say that the moisture is trapped by this lightweight film.
Other good ingredients include jojoba and olive oil. They have healing properties and antioxidant activity that help to fight aging free radical molecules. If you treat it right, you may find that you skin's appearance is better after the wintertime than it was before. Dry winter skin is not really hard to deal with, as long as you have the right tools.
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